Friday, September 21, 2007

Stephen King's House (Bangor, Maine)

I'm a big fan of Stephen King. I loved his earlier work, especially "It", "Salem's Lot" and "The Stand." In high school I stayed up into the wee hours reading his books and short stories and many of them gave me nightmares. There's also something about his writing, about the good in people, and humanity that is quite touching.

I also admire his philanthropy and how he gives millions back to his community and has stayed married to the same woman (Tabitha King) that he married in 1971, the mother of his 3 children, and the one who fished the first draft of "Carrie" out of the trash and encouraged her husband to finish it.

Here I am standing in front of Stephen King's house (built in 1858).

Stephen King's House
47 West Broadway
Bangor, Maine 04401

There are anti-war/support the troops signs on his front lawn. "Support our troops by bringing them home."The wrought iron gate in front of his house has spooky bats on the the posts with a spider web design and spiders on the gate doors themselves.Shortly after we got there, 3 cars pulled up and all parked right outside his house. (We parked down on another street and tried not to be too conspicuous). One didn't even bother to park his car by the curb, but instead left it hanging out in the street at an angle, blocking traffic. They all rushed out of their cars and started gawking. At the same time Astrid threw this tantrum. We saw both as our cue to leave.

We drove up to the water tower (the basis for the water tower in "It") which I've read has its own tours.

I can see how the small town feel of this place and the locals that keep to themselves (and the fact that there's nothing to do) could inspire someone to write a creepy horror story.

Then we drove around Bangor, Maine. U. and I both found the city to be dreary and gray and decaying. The town felt deserted. U. asked how and why Stephen King could live here. I answered that he's probably away a lot.


Anonymous said...

Stephen's wife didn't fish 'Christine' out of the trash, she fished 'Carrie' out. His first novel!
Just to point out the small mistake :)

Anonymous said...

The King's want their address to stay unknown...maybe you can remove their address from your text...
That would be appreciate

Thanks a lot ;)

m said...

You may have not found Bangor to be to your liking, but as a mother myself, I can tell you it is a great place to raise kids.

Anonymous said...

first of all the young lady did say "Carrie" not "Christine" secondly the king's address is very well known locally. one would find it rather difficult to find a bangor native, or mainer for that matter, who doesn't know where stephen king lives. also, if interested, next time you are in the area 100.3 FM is stephen king's radio station.

Alan said...

Just visited his house which I found thanks to Google and this blog. Thank u and hope the family is well!

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that Bangor is neither dreary nor deserted. Stephen King is a big supporter of Bangor and loves it here; otherwise wouldn't be such a philanthropist.

Anonymous said...

WOW. Be grateful for SK. He is giving back, paying it forward -- not forgetting his beginning -- whatever you desire to call it. Be grateful. I wish he and his family were in Sparrows Point a far drearier situation- I'm sure