Monday, September 17, 2007

Evening in Portland, Maine

Before heading out for dinner we stopped in our hotel's lobby for the complimentary "Manager's Hour" (aka happy hour). Astrid pushing the button in the elevator to go back down to the lobby.

In packing for this trip I came across this adorable winter hat I bought Astrid last year when we went to Arizona around Christmas time, and it still fits. It gets pretty cold at night here (for Los Angelos at least) so it was perfect.

Astrid ate 10 pieces of watermelon. Meanwhile U. had some cravings for the chex mex snacks that were there so he tried to hide them from Astrid, until she saw Papa eating them and demanded he share. I was content with the veggie platter. They had a nice selection of healthy snacks and the cocktails were good too.
Getting a kiss from Papa.

While Astrid waited for us to finish our drinks she colored in her coloring book. I love this backpack because it contains activities for her that don't take up space in her diaper bag.
We had reservations at an upscale restaurant, but when we saw that the menu had a lot of pasta dishes and we were in the mood for whole lobster, we went to to a seafood restaurant with a raw seafood bar.
Astrid did not want to take off her hat (even inside the restaurant).

The restaurant was nice enough to make a child's cup by cutting a hole in the top of a to-go clam chowder container for the straw.

U. was shocked by the price, thinking that lobster would be cheaper in Maine - but alas, it's pretty much the same price (unless you get the early bird special).

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