Tuesday, September 25, 2007

First Park (New York)

After Astrid's nap we went to yet another park, this one called First Park on the corner of Houston St. and 1 Ave.It's across the street from Sara D. Roosevelt Park, and there were lots of kids to play with.And swings! Astrid's favorite.It seems we got there right when all the parents take their kids to the park, after work.Crossing the bridge.Playing on the drawbridge.A small slide.A little boy Astrid's age who also wears Crocs, and wanted to play with her.Astrid spotted this bicycle in the park and wanted to ride it.A local parent told me the bike has been sitting in the park for a few weeks and didn't know who it belonged it. So I let Astrid sit on it while I pushed her around.Is it just me, or is a Barbie doll head on a bike a bit freaky?Now that she's got the hang of it and conquered her fear, she loves jumping up and down on the drawbridge.

When we used to go to the park it used to be such a struggle to get her to leave - major tantrums and all. Now it's a whole lot easier since I started giving her little prompts that we would be leaving in 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, etc. Occasionally I still get the "No mom. I want to play!" but it's no where close to the power struggles we used to have.

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