Sunday, September 16, 2007

Are we the only parents who travel with a potty?

What were we to do? Astrid is in the throes of potty-training and we're traveling out of state to 2 states, staying in 3 different cities.

I wasn't about to just have her wear a diaper and revert back to the by-gone days of just "going" in her diaper. I also didn't want to have to go on a treasure hunt for stores that sell a potty, buying one at each stop. Plus it would be a waste.

So what did we end up doing? We stuffed Astrid's Bjorn potty in a suitcase and checked it in with our luggage. Yep, traveling with a potty.

I normally use a disinfectant spray at home, but I was afraid it would leak in the suitcase, so I bought disinfectant wipes to use instead.

In the airport Astrid went with me to the restroom and said she had to "go" as well. Our flight was going to board so we didn't have a lot of time. I waited and waited but when nothing happened I took her down and said we had to go. She whined that she really had to go poop, so this time I sat her on the side of the toilet (not the front which is awkward for a toddler) and to my amazement she actually went poop. Amazing!

Does this mean she'll be able to go on an adult toilet soon? I sure hope so because later this year we're traveling to Europe to a number of countries and we are NOT bringing her potty with us. I saw some detachable child toilet seat cushions at Target that I'm thinking about getting. Supposedly they make it easier for a child to sit on an adult toilet. Has anyone used one of these? Anyone have any helpful suggestions or recommendations?

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Peter said...

Traveling is a good time to break with old habits .. .and I was surprised to see how Julius was very able to sit on the big toilet, using his arms stemed slightly behind him to stay safe .. we never bought one fo these inlet rings ... what we did buy was the step at IKEA, which Julius used maybe 5 times ... he then figured out a way to get up anyways, either holding on to the sink, the door, or whatever else is near ... I would just keep trying the 'real' thing until she gets used to it.

On a fun side note, on our last car trip to Austria we saw some families parked at emergency bays, getting out the potty (in one case a sand bucket) and have the kids go ...

Now, teaching a little boy that he can pee standing up, without getting it all over his pants ... that is still tricky :)