Tuesday, September 18, 2007

An evening in Bar Harbor, Maine

Our first evening in Bar Harbor, Maine and we went to the downtown part of town that has cute little shops, restaurants, and bars.We wanted a photo of us with the ships behind us, but the lady who took the photo was only able to get this pic of us. We're on a hill overlooking the harbor.

It can get quite chilly, so bundling up at night with lots of layers is ideal. Bringing the appropriate clothes for either cold or hot temperatures was a bit tricky (ME is chilly while NY is hot this time of year) since I couldn't pack too much in order to keep our luggage to a minimum. But I did come prepared with a vest, scarf, and jacket. Astrid is dressed similarly, except instead of jeans she's wearing sweats.A sunset in Bar Harbor, Maine. It's gorgeous here.

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