Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wine Tasting at Sweet Pea's Winery

Along the side of the road on the way to our cottage, we spotted a winery which had a big sign posted out front about a free wine tasting which caught our eye. So we said today was the day to head over there and check it out before our afternoon nap.The winery is called Sweet Pea's Winery (located 10 minutes from downtown Bar Harbor on Route 3).

They have a selection of red wines, white wines, and fruit wines. I enjoyed a number of them but sadly we were limited on what we could bring back with us, so we settled for a bottle of apple wine and blueberry ale.

I asked if we could have wines shipped to us and was told by the owner that this was something they are working on and hope to have it in place by next year (possibly). I don't know what's so difficult about contacting Fed Ex and setting up a page on their website, but c'est la vie it's Maine and they move at a different pace here.Above are some photos of their "cozy farmhouse gift shop" from their website. The fresh flowers were grown on the farm.
Astrid and I sitting on a rock next to the vineyard.
Astrid's ready to check out the grapes (which she eats daily when we're back at home).
It was fun showing her where grapes come from and how they grow. This is the first time she's walked through a vineyard.
Studying Trauben (grapes).
A whole new appreciation of grapes.
Astrid wants to eat a grape. She's saying, "Grape!"
As you can see from U's expression - they were not edible.Father and daughter surrounded by vines and grapes. "Sour grapes!"
Happy to be running around in the vineyard.
I love this photo with Astrid in the distance running. It's very metaphoric for our life as parents, constantly keeping an eye on, and chasing after our toddler.
My vineyard fairy.
All done exploring the vineyard, and ready for her nap back at the cottage.

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