Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cocktails at Inn by the Harbor & Dinner at Galyn's

After we turned in our bikes, we headed over to the Inn by the Harbor for some cocktails before dinner. It's an inn and restaurant perched on a hill with a magnificent ocean view. The obvious lure is the outside seating at the edge of the hill (which closes as soon as it gets dark - which we found out last night).Astrid munched on some crackers and then wanted to feed the pigeons. Unfortunately the pigeons kept flying away, so we walked up by the inn and found some seagulls. One in particular was squawking like crazy. Astrid tried to feed it some of her crackers but either it wasn't hungry, or it didn't understand what she was tossing on the floor was food.

Now Astrid knows the word for "seagull" and she can do a pretty good impersonation of a seagull squawk too. Then she says, "somebody", because she remembers the seagull was probably looking for "somebody" (i.e., another seagull).

When we turned in our bikes, we asked the owner (a local) what restaurant he would recommend for dinner in Bar Harbor. He recommended Galyn's and said it had the same chef for 20 years and was very consistent. He was right. Good food and reasonably priced. The best dinner we've had in Maine.

17 Main Street
Bar Harbor, ME 04609

Since we were there early with the baby, U. was able to take advantage of the early bird special for their lobster dinner. Fresh delicious lobster dinner for around $16. Can't beat that! It's best to make reservations because they get pretty busy at dinner time.

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