Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Maine - Day 4 - Jeannie's Breakfast

Astrid slept in until 10:00 this morning. She must have needed the sleep and/or she loved sleeping in the full sized adult bed all by herself.

When we got to the cabin we saw that the pack n' play was an infant sized one and way too small for Astrid, but they didn't have anything bigger. So as an alternative solution the owner brought over a child's bed rail that we put on the side of the double bed, and then we created a barrier around the bed with a folded table and the pack n' play. Were were worried that Astrid would not want to sleep there by herself and would get out, but she slept soundly all night long. (U. and I discussed starting to shop for a big girl bed for Astrid soon.)We found a great little breakfast place in downtown Bar Harbor called Jeannie's Breakfast. They only serve breakfast and if it's just coffee you want, they'll send you on your way to a coffee shop down the street.

Jeannie's Breakfast
15 Cottage Street (at Bayside Landing)
Bar Harbor, Maine

I read some reviewers saying the restaurant is open until 1 PM, however they were getting ready to close up shop when we got there at noon. When our waitress got the a-okay from the kitchen that the grill was still on, we were able to order and were the last diners that morning. So it pays to get there early as the restaurant closes around noonish depending on the breakfast traffic. Astrid getting a morning kiss from Papa.

If you go to their website, under "about us" you can read all the short stories about Maine that they have on the tables (like the one above about the bears - The Story of Amos and Andrea).

This was the best breakfast we've had in awhile. They serve homemade oatmeal bread and strawberry rhubarb jam (which was so delicious we bought a jar to take home with us). They also have healthy menu items, including vegetarian and vegan selections, and will make your omelets with egg whites only for a small charge.

Our omelets were excellent! U. got the Greek omelet and I got the garden omelet.

Garden Omelet
3 Egg Omelet filled with Sauteed Onions, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, and choice of Cheese. Served with Home Fries and Homemade Toast. $8.49

We also shared an order of blueberry pancakes with homemade whipped cream. Oh so yummy.There was no wait either. We were seated promptly, the service was down home and friendly (we saw the owner Jeannie working there), and our food arrived fairly quickly. They're also a kid friendly restaurant (see the kid cup they gave Astrid above).
She doesn't want to drink out of her sippy cup anymore. She'll still drink out of it when she has to, but she'd much rather drink out of a regular cup now (she knows the drill - "both hands"), or out of these kid cups. The kid cups keep her entertained (she loves the straw), and I don't have to keep a hawk eye on her to make sure she doesn't spill her drink.

After breakfast we're going to rent bikes with a child seat to go riding with Astrid.

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