Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dinner and exploring the beach at night

Rather than going back downtown for dinner, we opted to stay closer to home and dine in a restaurant located on the water off Route 3. This trip was the first time we've brought along activities for Astrid to keep her busy while we're waiting. Here she's playing with her flashcards.Astrid coloring in her coloring book.

The restaurant must have lots of kids dining there because they provided Astrid with this high chair (that you'd see at someones house). We also were seated in the ghetto children's section which we didn't mind so much, but still it's strange to be taken to the "other" remote section of the restaurant (where are they taking us?) and seated with other families with kids (some crying and screaming).After Astrid was done with her dinner we went outside and played on the beach.Astrid picking up a rock......and throwing it into the water.

I was surprised by how dark it got. Without lights the beach was pitch black and slippery with the rocks.So we went up onto the pier (which was safer and better lit) to explore and to look out over the water.We saw a lobster trap and this ramp which led down to a floating dock.

Dinner wasn't good enough to mention. Overpriced seafood that wasn't that good. But it was fun for Astrid to throw rocks into the water and explore the beach and pier.

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