Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Good morning LA

Astrid is still on Montana time but happy to be reunited with all her toys at home. Here is a photo I took after she woke up from her nap. She was unusually sleepy this morning and went down for a nap at 9:20. (Normally her morning nap is at 11 AM).

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

MTD8 – So long partner (We leave Montana today)

We're sad to leave Montana, but we leave in great spirits. We definitely will go back (maybe next time in the Summer). Astrid waiting in the airport terminal.Uwe and I were seated apart this flight. I sat with Astrid on my lap and Uwe sat across from us. Astrid playing with the seatbelt. It is much easier traveling with her now that she can sit up on her own.

So as we're saying our goodbyes to Montana, in a few hours we'll be saying hello to Los Angeles, California.

Monday, November 28, 2005

MTD7 – Hike to Pine Creek Falls

Today is our last full day in Montana.

Astrid has been waking up in the wee morning hours and I have been getting up to feed her and put her back to sleep, and then Uwe will take her at 7 AM so I can sleep in. Today we changed shifts. Uwe got the early morning shift and I got the later shift and let him sleep in for a change.

So this morning Astrid was watching me make breakfast and wash the dishes. She grabbed this wooden spoon after I had washed it and laid it down on the counter. I thought it was cute that the spoon looks so enormous in her hands. It snowed last night. Here's what our Jeep looks like after an overnight snowfall. This is how the morning looks inside the cabin.We bundled up the baby (this time with her own hat) and off we went for a hike to Pine Creek Falls. Notice the walking sticks next to the trailhead sign. The walking stick was a great help. Slipping and falling is a concern when you're carrying a baby on your back and there is snow and ice on the ground. I did slip once on the way back, but luckily I was able to catch my fall and get up quickly with out any assistance.The sign says it's a 1 mile hike to the Pine Creek Falls.A Winter wonderland. Uwe throwing a snowball.If you look closely you can see Uwe under that snow avalanche. He stood under a little tree and shook it and this is what happened. There was A LOT of snow. Shaking off the snow. A human snow cone.Uwe said he did it so I could have a great pic for my blog, but I think it was just the little kid in him that wanted to see what would happen. An ode to Uwe written in the snow.
Here we are standing next to Pine Creek.Content little hiker. A family portrait in the snow.Crossing the bridge (which was built for horses to cross).Another pic of Pine Creek.Now these are some real Christmas trees.My beautiful snow baby.Astrid is sleeping.

We kept walking and it felt like we walked much further than 1 mile, but we still didn't see any waterfall. We started hiking up an incline and it got more difficult as we were hiking up the mountain, but we kept going hoping that just around the corner we would see the Pine Creek Falls. (We found out later that the Falls are right where the bridge is, that we crossed, but because of the snow and frost, there wasn't any water flowing.) After awhile we decided to turn back. Baby Astrid's name written in the snow. Ready for round II...

On your mark.Get set.

Go! Tada!Covered in snow but smiling from ear to ear.Blue skies. Here we are after our hike.That was a really nice hike. Thank you Bailey for recommending it and showing us how to get there on a map! What a perfect day.
Our little one is growing so tall.
Astrid touches snow for the first time.Astrid's sitting in a high chair again, at a restaurant in Livingston.

Her snowsuit has a toy attached to it, which she's chomping on. Uwe feeding Astrid in the high chair.Back at the cabin there is a baby rocking chair.And a matching adult sized rocking chair.

Do we really have to go home tomorrow?

Sunday, November 27, 2005

MTD6 – A relaxing day

I stayed in like a hermit today. Played with the baby, ate and read. We had the fire going in the fireplace all day and it was just so cozy in the cabin that I didn’t want to leave it. The temperature outside is in the 30’s. Astrid in a Tonka truck. She fits perfectly in the toy truck's bed. Uwe took her out for a walk and to go to the local Albertsons for a few ingredients for tonight’s duck dinner that Uwe is cooking. She’s all bundled up in her winter, waterproof bunty. I just realized that the top and bottom separate, so you can remove the bottom and the top turns into a jacket. On their walk Uwe and Astrid passed the Yellowstone River. Uwe said that when he was walking with her she was just fine, until he'd stop and look/talk to her. Then she burst out crying. He wanted to reassure her that everything was okay, but I guess she took the opportunity to voice her displeasure at being in the cold. Cold, red nose. It's a beautiful Winter's day in Montana.

Bailey stopped by to pick a Christmas tree off the mountain and said hello. He recommended a hike to Pine Creek Falls. We are planning on hiking up there tomorrow.
We ended the day with a delicious duck dinner.