Wednesday, November 02, 2005

LVD6 - Enjoying our stay at the Wynn hotel

I've posted some pics of the hotel that I took with my camera. I was hoping to find some nice professional ones on the website but the whole thing is done in flash and they don't have any photos of the inside of the hotel. Here is the lobby where you walk under an arched canopy of trees with round floral arrangements made from fresh flowers hanging from the trees. (It's early morning hence the maintenance crew is mopping the floors, and cleaning each leaf of each plant.) The round floral arrangements are beautifully lit with strategically placed soft lighting. I walk through this archway a number of times everyday because it smells so nice (you can smell the fresh scent of all the flowers).These exotic lamps hang from the ceiling in the lobby.Some of the lamps are quite huge.Yet another pic of the lamps from a different angle.This is called the "Water Feature". I finally got a photo of it in the early morning. During the day and evening crowds of people stand right where I was standing to get this photo. The wall in the distance has cascading water and if you look closely you can see statues in the water. (There's a bar/restaurant down there that is 21 and over only. Uwe had a business dinner there tonight.)A closeup of the female statue standing on a rock, and a male statue in the water up to this shoulders.The 3rd statue is a female statue wading into the water.These mosaic tiles shaped like flowers decorate the floors of the lobby (under the hanging flower bouquets). They're ornate but kinda busy too.But it does match the design on the carpet. You see this motif all throughout the hotel. (You can see it stenciled on parts of the walls in my photos of the hanging lamps in the hotel's lobby.)On our floor, next to the elevators they have this collection of butterflies enclosed in a glass case. To my untrained eye they look like real butterflies (with the icky mummified head, thorax, and abdomen attached). These butterflies are on display at other locations in the hotel as well.

I've been trying to think of a unifying theme for the hotel's decor but I can't come up with one. Others have mentioned this too. I guess there doesn't have to be one, but then it just looks like a hodge podge of nice things thrown together.Room service this afternoon.

You can see a bit of the golf course through the window behind us (it's the really green part), the city, and the mountains in the distance. Astrid is doing really well with the time change. As long as we keep the drapes closed she thinks it's still night time.

Astrid also experienced the pressure change for the first time in the elevators. Our room is on one of the top floors so when we go up to our room, or down to the casino level, even I can feel the pressure in my ears. I just have her suck on a toy or her bib and she's fine. I hope she does as well with our upcoming flight to New York.

I can't believe this is already day 6 in Las Vegas. Tomorrow is our last full day. We better make the most of in pool, pool, and more pool. =)


Trailhead said...

This is great...I'm having a lot of fun reading about your trip. It's cold and rainy here, and it's transporting me from the bleak scene out my window.

Rose said...

I'm glad you enjoyed reading about our trip. It's still sunny here but we're heading back to LA in an hour. We have laundry galore to do before heading off to NY tomorrow morning.