Thursday, November 24, 2005

MTD3 – Happy Thanksgiving!

Not only is it our first time in Montana but it's also the baby's first Thanksgiving. Astrid all bundled up this morning, ready to play on the swing outside. As you can see from Astrid's face, it is chilly outside.

From the cabin window I could see Astrid and Uwe on the swing. They looked so cute together. At that moment I wished I had a 2nd camera or that we had brought our video camera (we opted to leave it at home b/c of the lack of space).

This year we had Thanksgiving dinner at Julianne and Bailey’s house. It was truly a "family" Thanksgiving with three children under one roof: Cadmus, Astrid, and Ava (Doug & Chantelle's 7 month old daughter). Thanks so much for having us over and the wonderful dinner and hospitality!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay now I am going to surrender to my turkey/food coma.

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