Tuesday, November 15, 2005

New found love for the Jumperoo

Astrid would stay in the Jumperoo for maybe 10 minutes tops and then would want out. I kept hearing about how many babies LOVED the Jumperoo, so Uwe and I thought maybe it just wasn't her thing. So boy was I surprised when yesterday she was bouncing up and down like crazy and was having a ball in her Jumperoo. She has a new found love for her Jumperoo. She jumped so long and hard that she tired herself out and had a long nap afterwards.

(I took video footage of it. It's kinda funny to look at because she's jumping to one side.) Today I took photos of her jumping in her Jumperoo. It was hard to get good pics because when she's jumping they come out blurry. This time she was jumping straight up and down.The lights and music go off with motion.

I think maybe her legs just needed to build up enough strength to be able to push off. She's been spending a lot of time in her Ultrasaucer, (which she loves) standing and twisting around in it. Uwe said over the weekend she was playing in it for an hour. And since she's tall for her age, even at the tallest setting, she stands in her Ultrasaucer. So that may have helped her with building muscle strength in her legs.Astrid standing up tall and straight.

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Karissa (mommy) said...

Woo hoo! I'm glad she's figured out that it's fun to play in.

Isabella loved her Johnny Jumper. She could jump in that for hours and hours. I always like things that entertained her, but I didn't have to do much but watch. It's nice to have a break...:)