Friday, November 04, 2005

Leaving Las Vegas/Home sweet home

We left Las Vegas this morning and got back into LA this afternoon. We're only home for one day/night. Tomorrow morning we're off on a plane to New York. (Astri'd first flight.) So I'm doing laundry, repacking, and getting ready for our trip.

It looks like NY is having nice weather. According to Yahoo weather, today they had a high of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 53 degrees. Very nice for walks in Central Park.

Last time we were in NY, over Christmas last year, it was cold, cold, cold and I was pregnant with Astrid. It was picturesque to walk through the streets of NY when it was snowing, especially on Christmas day, and to see the lakes frozen over in Central Park, but when that icy wind slaps you in the face when you're walking down the street, no matter how warmly you're dressed, it makes you want to run back inside.
Someone's happy to be home.


Peter said...

do i spot a tooth?

Rose said...

Yep, she has 3 now and a 4th one is pushing through.