Saturday, November 05, 2005

NYD1 - We're in The Big Apple

We landed in New York this afternoon. Our happy little traveler did really well on her first flight. She gets an A in my book. I'm so glad because Uwe and I want to do a lot more traveling in the future and having a baby that does well on flights is a definite prerequisite.

There was another family traveling with 2 small kids. Both cried off and on the entire flight. The older one looked to be around 3 and the younger one was maybe 10-12 months old. Being a new parent myself I have a lot of sympathy for parents with fussy babies, but the little one was sick and really shouldn't have been on a plane in the first place. Uwe, sitting in the aisle seat, turned around and saw that the baby was strapped into its car seat and the parents just let their baby cry. This I have no patience for. That little baby looked like a mess when they exited the plane. Its face was all red and puffy from crying for so long.

Not only is it sick to let your baby cry for that long, but you also annoy all the other passengers on the plane and that is just not right. There is also medication you can use so that the baby can sleep and not be in pain. So this was just inexcusable.

Uwe and I put on our headphones to try and blot out the crying. Thank goodness it didn't seem to bother Astrid. She really enjoyed looking at all the different people on the airplane.

We were fortunate that we had an empty middle seat between us so we didn't have to purchase a separate seat for Astrid. Astrid could sit and play in the middle seat and lay down as well, and we weren't bumping elbows with anyone. I was worried that she wouldn't be able to sleep, or that the sound of the crying baby would wake her up, but she was able to sleep through it.She took two naps. One in my arms, and one lying down on the middle seat.

Here's Astrid lying on the hotel bed in her new Microsoft outfit.

When we arrived back home for one day, before rushing out the next morning for our flight to NY, we saw that Jill (Astrid's Godmother) bought this brand new Microsoft onesie for her. It's more like a unitard that wrestlers use with its attached shorts. So cute and perfect for traveling. Thanks Jill!

Still happy after a six hour flight.Whenever she does this with her hands, Uwe says she looks like she's praying. Think she's praying for good weather in New York and good times?

The weather is very nice here. It's pretty warm (70 during the day and 60 at night) and when it gets a bit chilly at night you're fine with a sweater and scarf. A heavy jacket is really unnecessary.

We're also dealing with a double time change now. The first one being moving the clock back an hour for daylight savings. The second one being the 3 hours time difference between NY from LA."What time change?"

The 3 hours time difference was kinda nice since we were able to take Astrid to dinner with us tonight. We haven't been able to do that in a long time since it interferes with her bedtime and we don't want to deviate from that schedule (it's working so let's not mess with it).

Our Realtor has a kid who doesn't go to sleep until 1:30 AM. He and his girlfriend take turns staying up with their son until he goes to sleep. They're trying to get him to go to bed earlier, but the kid is used to going to sleep that late. I think his kid is a little older than 1. I'm glad we established Astrid's routine early on. It makes life easier for everyone.Stinky feet (just stinky feet for Astrid since she doesn't wear shoes yet). But this pic sure does look like it doesn't it?

My little angel.

I'm excited about being in a walking city with Astrid. It's nice to just walk out the door with the stroller and walk all over the city with out needing to drive a car to get around. I'm sure Astrid will enjoy the long walks as well, and all the new things to see and experience on her first visit to The Big Apple.


Angie said...

That's a really cute "stinky feet" pic! I hope you had fun in New York. I am still working on my uploads and they just won't work...stay tuned!

Peter said...

What an adventurous little flyer .. and great that you got and extra seat without paying for it ... you just had to pay the 10% infant extra I guess. (also .. the seats look like business class ... or an airline I really want to fly with) :)

Too bad about those ignorant parents ... Julius was 12 months when we did our long haul from Fiji-Korea-Paris-Italy .. and that was also the first time he was sick ... very sick ... but we managed him without the usage of heavy drugs (though the doc gave them to us) ... I still feel it is a question about how much attention you give your kid ... (and yes, he had his car seat .. but rarely sat in it ... either bassinette or our laps) ... as long as Astrid is under 2 . try to get bassinette seats ... i understand that they are usually only offered on night flights .. on a first come / first serve basis ...

Enjoy our old stomping grounds


Trailhead said...

That story about the jerks who let their kid cry makes my blood boil. Poor baby.

But I'm glad Astrid did so well!