Tuesday, November 01, 2005

LVD5 - Sitting up/Lounging by the pool/New front teeth

As I was getting ready to head down to the pool I put Astrid in her stroller and rolled her into the bathroom so I could keep an eye on her while I was changing into my bathing suit. I looked up and saw that she was sitting up on her own. Look at that big smile! She was so proud of herself. She's been trying to sit up from a prone position on a flat surface for weeks (without much success), but since the back of the stroller's seat was at an angle she was able to sit up on her own and stay up.Oh look, something else to chew on. And yes, she went to town on it. Luckily it's covered with plastic and easy to clean.What a surprise! Thank goodness I keep my camera closeby for just these occasions.It might not seem like a big deal, but I remember when Astrid was completely helpless and couldn't even lift her head.When I saw her sitting up I thought, "Oh my goodness she's going to be crawling and then walking soon." Each day she's becoming a little more self-sufficient and independent. Astrid lounging by the pool in her swimsuit and matching floppy hat, wrapped in a pool towel.She's always so happy after a dip in the pool.

Here in Las Vegas she goes swimming, goes for 5 walks a day, and get so much stimulation. I just hope she's not bored when we get back home and she's home all day.These floppy hats are great for sunny days and Astrid doesn't mind wearing it. Keeping an eye out for the waitress so Mommy can order a Mojito. Ack...too much sun!

If you look closely you can see Astrid's top front teeth coming in. The left front tooth is already out and the right front tooth is pushing it's way out.

I noticed the new teeth for the first time today. Looking back she had all the signs; a little fussier than usual, a warm forehead at times, waking up early, not being able to wait 4 hours between feedings sometimes. I thought she might be going through another growth spurt, and was being an overly concerned new mom (about the warm forehead). But I knew something was going on. She's always a happy baby so the change wasn't that's drastic. Since I spend all day with her though I noticed the subtle changes. But I never thought she was getting more new teeth! (Two bottom teeth at 4 months, and now two front teeth at 6 months.) It's a good thing we brought baby Tylenol with us on this trip. That seems to help with the fussiness and she's able to sleep better/longer.My pretty sun-kissed baby.
Oh those round chubby cheeks that Mommy and Daddy love to kiss.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rose - Hi Uwe - Hi Astrid. I feel like I know you all. What a great blog.

You take so many pics...but who can resist with that adorable face and such great stories as she grows. She certainly LOVES the camera. Watch out, hollywood.

I couldn't believe I ended up reading/skimming/enjoying so many entries about your adventures. Thanks. Keep it up. ---Jen