Thursday, November 17, 2005

Nursery songs & lullabies

Tonight Astrid got a special treat...Mommy and Daddy sang nursery songs and lullabies to her in both English and German.

I pulled out a song book that has the following famous children's songs in it (just to name a few):

1) Frere Jacques
(Did you know that in English it's "ding, dong, ding....ding, dong, ding"" but in French it's "din, din, don....din, din, don"?)
2) The Mulberry Bush
3) Mary Had a Little Lamb
4) London Bridge
5) Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
6) Hush Little Baby

Uwe heard me singing to Astrid and I guess it got his lyrical juices percolating because he joined in with children's songs from a German song book. Uwe has a very nice deep singing voice and it was a treat to hear him sing. It was also great for Astrid to hear her Daddy sing to her in German.

Although I wasn't familiar with many of the German songs, I did recognize a few (like "Oh Christmas Tree" aka "Oh Tannenbaum"). Uwe got a kick out of hearing me sing the English version of a few Christian songs like "Come All Ye Faithful." Hearing the melody jarred my memory of singing these songs as a kid in church. And there was a German song in the book about a baby bird that appears on a CD that I play daily for Astrid. I particularly enjoyed this one because I was able to sing along with the chorus.

This evening reminded me of simpler times when families would get together at night around a fire and sing songs and entertain one another. Aww...the holidays.


Karissa (mommy) said...

That's cute that you guys sing to her together. I only sing to Isabella when we are alone because I definitely am one of the worst singers out there. :) Good thing babies don't know the difference.

Angie said...

Ahh, the simple times.
When Brazienna was born Bernard insisted I sing to her because your mom would sing to you guys. I was still leary of my Marge Simpson voice so I would do it w/out him around. That changed and now I sing all the time and dare him not to like it! LOL! Brazienna asks me to sing her sleep every single night. Keep beltin' those tunes for Astrid!

Cliff said...

That's not a tear in my eye!