Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Our first mommy & me swim class

I signed up for the Mommy and Me swim classes at the YMCA for the month of November, but since we were out of town (in Las Vegas and New York) for the first part of the month, today was our very first swim class. We're in the heated kiddy pool that is warm like bath water. (Across from us is the Olympic size pool where they have water aerobics classes for adults.)

The class currently has 2 other mommy & baby duos in it. Susan with baby Jack who is almost 15 months old, and Tricia with baby Caitlin who 9 months old. All three babies have blonde hair and blue eyes. What are the odds?

At first Astrid was busy looking at everything but towards the end of class she was cooing and squealing and really getting into it. The swim instructor asked me if Astrid was used to being in the water. I told her that she's been in the pool before when we've been on vacation. The instructor said you could tell because she looks really comfortable in the water.

Her favorite part of the class was jumping off. You have the babies sit at the edge of the pool and you say "jump" and lift them up so they dive back into the water. You also place the babies on the floating mat (even though Astrid was the youngest, she was the only baby in the class that would stand on the mat when I held her up there) and then say "jump" and lift them up and plop them back into the water. She loved that.Here Astrid is in the locker room after our swim class, all dressed and ready to go home.

One lady who had a locker nearby said she had the same stroller as us. So I said, "Yeah the hospital issued stroller," and kinda laughed because Uwe hates this stroller and thinks it's cheap looking. This morning he took the SUV to work which had the other stroller in it, so I was left with the one we got for free from the hospital when Astrid was born. I was surprised when the lady said no, that she actually bought hers. She was surprised to hear I got mine for free and asked me which hospital I gave birth in. She said she bought another stroller originally but it was too big and hard to handle so she purchased this lighter/smaller stroller which is easier to use. So I guess it's not that cheap if someone actually paid money for it.

After swim class we took a nice walk to the Korean market to get some food for dinner tonight. Astrid fell asleep in her stroller. She was tired out from all the kicking and splashing in the pool. I'm sure she would have slept much longer but transferring her from the stroller into her carseat always wakes her up.

I'm already looking forward to our next swim class on Thursday. (And I found out that the YMCA also offers yoga classes which are free with membership, which I had to get for the swim classes, and they also offer 2 hours of free childcare. I plan to check that out!)

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Karissa (mommy) said...

She looks so cute at the pool!