Sunday, November 13, 2005

Finger puppets/sitting in a laundry basket

When we were in New York I walked by a street vendor selling hand-made finger puppets. I bought 4 for Astrid. I made sure I ran them through the wash cycle before letting her play with them.

Here Astrid is grabbing onto the panda.The 4 finger puppets:
1) panda with baby
2) monkey with baby
3) tiger
4) elephantAstrid kept grabbing them and trying to pull them off my finger.She got the monkey and it went right into her mouth.Astrid is always trying to sit up on her own. If you put her in a chair, she's leaning forward almost falling face forward (with the harness being the only thing keeping her in the chair). So today I sat her inside a laundry basket and let her practice sitting up and balancing on her own.


Karissa (mommy) said...

Cute puppets.

Good idea about the laundry basket. I never thought of that.

Angie said...

All of the expensive things on the market and she likes the laundry basket. Brazienna LOVED being in a laundry basket and when she started trying to walk, the laundry basket was her favorite thing to push around.