Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Quote of the week

There is a great blog out there called Shotgun Daddy. The name comes from being a father and knowing that someday there will be boys who will want to date his daughter. The author is an English teacher and I really enjoy his writing.

I read this quote on his blog today and it reminded me of Uwe's sentiments as well and how he is dreading the day when pimple faced boys will be knocking on our door to see Astrid. Hope it brings a smile to your face as well.

"I don't want any naked boys hugging me!"

Alison uncorked this gem the other night as were getting ready for bathtime. Henry's clothes were already off, and he was apparently feeling a little frisky, so he decided to start passing out hugs. Poor defenseless Kate had no choice in the matter as Henry smothered her in her baby seat, but Alison drew the line with authority.

My response to her statement? Please hold that thought for the next twenty years.


Steph said...

OT Came here after reading the posts on the weird blogger who was pilfering entries; just noticed that my peanut was born the day after yours! Congratulations on your little cutie!

My husband is a mild-mannered engineering guy...I never thought he'd feel that way about anyone, including his kids. However, he's already very protective of our daughter and has mentioned shotguns several times.

A guy I knew a few years back (crusty ol' MSgt) said he would go to the front door with a shotgun, then with shotgun still in hand, escort the boys to the back porch and show him the rows and rows of corn fields and say "It'd be real easy for someone to get lost in there..." Simple, but effective!

Peter said...

somehow I am glad to have a boy .... yeah, wonder how it would be once girl is hit with puberty and boys show up ...

Instead I have to worry that Julius turns out to be something like a gentleman.