Sunday, November 20, 2005

Jean day

Jean day, for working stiffs, is being able to wear jeans to work in business casual attire. Oh how I remember those days in my former life when I worked in a corporate office. No ironing involved, just throw on a pair of jeans and off to work you go for a comfortable "doesn't feel like work" day. Today however, it's jean day for an entirely different reason.Today I wore my old pair of jeans (pre-pregnancy jeans) for the first time since Astrid was born. Reason to celebrate right? Astrid and I were meeting Uwe for lunch and I thought I'd surprise him.Uwe spotted me and Astrid from across the street and waved. I thought for sure he noticed, but I got the usual "Hi honey" and kisses for Astrid, but there was no mention of me wearing my old jeans. After we sat down and had enough time to look at our menus, decide on what we were going to get, and ordered, there was still no mention of my jeans.
Rose: Do you notice anything different?
Uwe: Um...your hair?
Rose: No, not my hair.
Uwe: it your jeans?
Rose: Yes! I'm wearing jeans.
Uwe: How do they fit?
Rose: That's not the point. I'm wearing jeans!
I guess the significance is lost on you if you're a guy. But for a woman after having had a baby, fitting into an old jeans is a significant marker that says you're a part of the human race again (not just some alien that is too small for maternity clothes but still too big to wear her old clothes). It's a right of passage that moms go through...gain the baby weight and get stretched out to the max, and then shrink back down to size after the baby is born and start to feel human again.
I started to think that I could have showed up to lunch wearing a mumu hiding huge rolls of fat and Uwe would have just noticed my hair. But he loves me no matter what I look like, so if you look at it that way, it's endearing.
Here we are having lunch at a French cafe. The lady behind us is watching me make faces at Astrid.
You can see the counter behind us with all the pastries and desserts.Oh those powerful (and beautiful!) German genes.
Our real life kissy doll.
Squealing with delight.Uwe loves to pretend feed Astrid. I guess he thinks it's funny because she opens her mouth just like she's about to eat it. Here Uwe is pretend feeding her passion fruit mousse.
I can't wait to watch Uwe spoon feeding Astrid her first baby food (for real). Our little munchkin sitting on the bench next to Uwe, taking it all in. She loves to people watch.

Since we were at a French cafe, Uwe ordered a glass of the new 2005 Beaujolais wine so we could both taste it. Mmm...fruity. I stopped drinking wine when I was pregnant and even after the baby was born I haven't found one that I've really enjoyed. (I dunno if it's a hormonal thing or what but my palate has changed since being pregnant.) I think a Beaujolais wine might get me out of my funk and back to enjoying wine again.


Karissa (mommy) said...


Beth Mehta said...

CONGRATS on the jeans milestone!! I completely understand since (and I can't believe I'm telling you this in your blog and not in person or on the phone) I'm pregnant- 15 weeks- and I'm just at the stage where my jeans are too tight but maternity clothes are too big!! It'll be awhile until I'm at YOUR stage again!! Anyway- just wanted to let you know and that I'm inspired by your blog- I can't wait to be a mom!! =)

Amy said...

I'm trying to squelch the jealousy long enough to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! I still have 8 pounds and 1 size to go. Ugh!

Angie said...

Old jeans is good stuff! I am way, way, way far from getting into my pre-pregnancy jeans. But, it's the fact the Bernard loves me regardless!

Does Astrid eat baby food yet or still just formula. I could not help myself and was feeding Brazienna soft table food for Thanksgiving when she was 9 months old.

I was typing (half Asleep)when I got to work this morning and missed an "s" when typing in the web address and got a bible story type of website. I looked a couple times and thought, wow...she change her blog. It was


Shane said...

I can totally appreciate your acomplishment. Congratulations!!

Rose said...

Congratulations Beth! You don't have to wait until after you have a baby to start a blog. I noticed that many women documented their entire pregnancy in their blogs. Congrats again! I'm so happy for you!

Rose said...

I was tempted to start feeding Astrid baby food on Thanksgiving, but I still need to research what I should give her, how much, and how much formula I should still supplement with.

Rose said...

You had twins so you definitely should give yourself a pat on the back for getting back to where you are. That's a feat in itself.