Sunday, November 27, 2005

MTD6 – A relaxing day

I stayed in like a hermit today. Played with the baby, ate and read. We had the fire going in the fireplace all day and it was just so cozy in the cabin that I didn’t want to leave it. The temperature outside is in the 30’s. Astrid in a Tonka truck. She fits perfectly in the toy truck's bed. Uwe took her out for a walk and to go to the local Albertsons for a few ingredients for tonight’s duck dinner that Uwe is cooking. She’s all bundled up in her winter, waterproof bunty. I just realized that the top and bottom separate, so you can remove the bottom and the top turns into a jacket. On their walk Uwe and Astrid passed the Yellowstone River. Uwe said that when he was walking with her she was just fine, until he'd stop and look/talk to her. Then she burst out crying. He wanted to reassure her that everything was okay, but I guess she took the opportunity to voice her displeasure at being in the cold. Cold, red nose. It's a beautiful Winter's day in Montana.

Bailey stopped by to pick a Christmas tree off the mountain and said hello. He recommended a hike to Pine Creek Falls. We are planning on hiking up there tomorrow.
We ended the day with a delicious duck dinner.

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