Saturday, November 26, 2005

MTD5 – It's snowing today

It rained last night and today it’s snowing. Uwe has gone running everyday that we've been here; even today when it's snowing.

Up at the cabin it’s windy, so most of the snow gets blown away. But in Bozeman however, they got over a foot of snow. We decided to drive into Bozeman to pick up a goose for dinner tonight. The little one is all bundled up in her car seat.
You can see the poor visibility out of Uwe's window. It progressively got worse. And worse. It felt like we were driving in a blizzard. You could barely see the signs on the road because the snow and ice would stick to them and cover them up. A little over 20 miles took us an hour. We made it to Bozeman. How different Main Street looks from just a couple days ago.
The stallion that looked white a couple days ago now looks tan with the snow on it. This is the Lewis and Clark Motel, named after the two Americans who got credit for discovering Montana. Rushing inside the Community Co-Op with Astrid.
Astrid next to the produce.

We wanted to get a goose for dinner but they didn’t have any, so we got a duck instead. It's frozen solid so we’ll have it for dinner tomorrow night. Next we made a quick stop at the Rocky Mountain Roasting Company to get an Eggnog latte and log onto the Internet.

We got lucky when driving back home because they snow plowed the freeway. The name of this inn cracks me up. Say it out loud, "C’mon Inn". When I saw the logo I immediately thought Carl's Jr., but up here they're called Hardee’s.

Back in Livingston there was hardly any snow.
Back to a roaring fire in the cabin. Uwe jokes that we spent an annual salary on firewood. It was so nice to have a fire every night.

Tonight we watched “Over There” the series on FX about American soldiers fighting in the Iraq War. I love watching TV series pre-recorded because this way you don’t have to wait until next week to see the next episode. It’s a treat especially when there’s a cliffhanger. You just watch as many episodes as you want. And up at a cabin in the mountains it’s even more perfect watching it in front of a nice, warm fire in the fireplace.

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