Saturday, November 12, 2005

Saturday brunch @ Home

Today we had brunch at Home in Los Feliz.It's one of the few places you can bring your dog and sit outside. It has a nice courtyard with a fountain in the center with plastic toys. The food is pretty good too.Uwe feeding Astrid. Thank goodness she's now passed that distraction phase where it was a struggle to get her to drink from her bottle because she was so easily distracted. Now we can feed her in public without a problem.Astrid looking angelic as Uwe kisses her cheek.Standing on Daddy's lap. All smiles when playing with Daddy.It's Mommy's turn to hold the baby.Uwe was cracking Astrid up.

In this photo you can see Astrid's new front teeth coming in on the top. Pretty soon her smile is going to look different with 4 teeth!Astrid in full laugh mode. Hehe.

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