Monday, September 24, 2007

Noodles in China Town (New York)

It's a whole different world in China Town. There are merchants selling all kinds of wares and fruits and vegetables on the sidewalk, and all kinds of delicacies that I don't even know the English words for them. Growing up with a Korean mother, I was exposed to many strange and exotic things that I never saw in an American grocery store, yet my mom only knew the Korean words for them, so I never learned what they're called in English.
After we left the park we went to a noodle house for dinner.
Astrid may look Caucasian but when she tells you want she wants for dinner, "Rice please! Noodles please!" she sounds like an Asian kid.
Playing with her little sauce bowl.
Eating her chicken and noodles.

After dinner we went to a Chinese bakery. I was in heaven. The rudest service ever, but the tastiest morsels of goodness that I haven't had in a long while. Like bread with red beans or custard inside. And cheap! Asian desserts aren't as sweet or heavy as American desserts, and they have all sorts of different flavors that you don't see in regular U.S. bakeries.

After that we headed back home, up Mulberry Street, through Little Italy again. Astrid was beat and went to sleep pretty quickly when we got home.

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