Thursday, September 27, 2007

Chef Ramsey's Restaurant (New York)

Being in NY was the perfect opportunity to try Chef Ramsey's restaurant.Astrid looking at our table arrangement - a floating rose. (The only flower Astrid know is rose, and she also knows it's mama's name.) It was funny to see her sniff the rose.Decor is rather cold (which I wouldn't have expected from Chef Ramsey) with lots of mirrors and glass on the far side wall. It's not a place you want to hang out in for hours. It's an obviously sophisticated restaurant where you go just for the food and wine despite the cold decor.

The revolving panels however are a nice touch. Lunch has one side of the panel with a soft green, and the other side of the panel has a dark design for dinner service.

The food was excellent. All courses had small but delicious dishes. The food makes me want to come back for dinner.

The service was good, they clear plates away quickly and the food was prompt, but we had to ask them to refill our water glasses.

Be forewarned about the champagne. They bring out a rolling champagne cart in case you're interested in trying the champagne. The vintage champagne I had was $46...a glass...gulp (literally).Gourmet cheese cart.

While eating, I couldn't help replaying Hell's Kitchen episodes in my head.
Here Astrid and I are standing outside the restaurant.

(I later read that the restaurant picked up another Michelin star for 2 stars.)

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