Sunday, September 23, 2007

Le Jardin Bistro (Brunch in Soho)

Le Jardin Bistro won awards for best outdoor & most romantic restaurant in Soho, got rave reviews, and was within walking distance from where we were. Decision made. It's a quaint little French bistro with an outdoor garden/patio dining area. The outdoor area is tucked away in the back and not visible from the street.

The restaurant doesn't look like much from the street. If we weren't looking for it, we might have walked right past it.

The grape vine canopy overhead provides shade so it's comfortable (and fun to look up and see grapes hanging above you). It felt like eating in someone's backyard garden - cozy!
There are ceramic frogs everywhere. In the garden and on display. I guess it's a play on the "French" being called frogs.
The food was quite good and we all loved sitting in the garden having brunch.

We ordered:
Endive Salad
With Apples, Walnuts & Roquefort Cheese
Smoked Herring
Marinated Fillets Served Over Warm Potatoes
Croque Monsieur Pommes Frites et Salade
Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich
(Only complaint I have is I asked if this sandwich was a true French style Croque Monsieur - which I love - and was told yes it was. When it came it was an American style ham and cheese sandwich. Definitely not what I ate in Paris. But still tasty.)

Vanilla Ice Cream in Puff Pastry Smothered in Chocolate Sauce
(We asked for the chocolate sauce on the side.)

(with dessert)

Good food, champagne and port.

If we're ever back in Soho we will make a return visit for sure.

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