Monday, September 24, 2007

Astrid with a towel wrapped around her hair (after a morning shower)

It's our first morning in New York. The apartment has a large shower big enough for 2. Astrid jumped in the shower with me this morning and loved playing with my shave gel while I showered. Here she is with a towel wrapped around her hair.

Last time all of us were in New York together was November 2005. (Astrid was 6 months old.) But U. reminds Astrid that the first time she was in New York was in December 2004, when she was in mommy's uterus. (U. and I went to New York at Christmas time when I was pregnant and we rode a horse drawn carriage around Central Park. We had planned to go ice skating in the park too, but the lines were really long to get into the rink. We'll just have to go back with Astrid when she's old enough to fit into ice skates.)

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