Monday, September 17, 2007

Maine - Day 2 - Portland Coffee Roasting Company

This morning U. and Astrid went for a morning swim in the hotel's indoor, heated swimming pool, and then all three of us headed back to downtown Portland (we were there last night for dinner) to check out the city during the day.First on our stop was Portland Coffee Roasting Company which is housed in an old building in downtown.Astrid has to "Cheers!" before she drinks.Astrid drinking her organic milk out of a coffee cup. I had a hot chocolate and U. had latte. According to U. the coffee sucked. Oh well, at least we checked it out and were able to sit outside.
Astrid and I sitting on a bench outside. Astrid is wearing a napkin bib so she doesn't get yogurt on her shirt. She was craving yogurt since we got on the airplane, and we tried to get her some before our connecting flight in New Jersey, but a small single serving was over $4 in the airport terminal and U. refused just on principal alone exclaiming, "What a rip off! How can they charge that much for yogurt? It's not even organic." So this being our first morning in Portland, Maine, Astrid got her yogurt, milk, and bread (croissant) for breakfast.

It's chilly here in the mid 60's during the day (and 40's at night), but in the sun it's still quite warm. I'm enjoying the crisp New England weather, which is a nice break from the summer heat back home in LA. It's refreshing and comfortable, plus you don't sweat. Bonus!I commented to U. that it took a really long time (to get our order).

U: "Well, there's on a different pace here."
Me: "You mean slow?"
U: "Exactly!"

I guess we'll just have to get used to the slower pace here.

This is our first time in Maine and we're looking forward to enjoying the fresh seafood (yes, lobster!), clean air, and fall foliage.

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