Thursday, September 06, 2007

Visiting Grandpa in the hospital

Astrid and I went to visit my dad in the hospital. (He's fine now, but we discovered that he wasn't drinking enough water and with this heatwave, his diabetes medication wasn't flushing out of his bloodstream like it should which resulted in a dangerously low blood glucose level.)Astrid standing in front of the hospital's fountain and surrounding rocks - showing off her toddler belly.It was hot again today so I dressed Astrid in a tank top and a skirt - and had a change of a warmer clothes in the diaper bag for her (since hospitals are notoriously cold).She wanted to bring her stroller and doll. Everyone in the hospital that saw her would fawn over her, including all the nurses. Astrid lying at the foot of Grandpa's hospital bed, getting comfy with her blanket.We (my mom, Astrid and I) went down to the cafeteria to get some dinner.We got a table with a view of this fountain which Astrid enjoyed, and there was a large space in front of the window where Astrid could play without disturbing the other diners.My mom bought her this adorable purse with a ladybug latch. (She's quite attached to it and holds her cell phone and tissue in it at all times.)One good thing about this visit and going with Grandpa to his doctor visits (looking for the silver lining) is that Astrid has acquired the following new words to her vocabulary:
  • hospital
  • nurse
  • doctor
  • cafeteria
  • wheelchair

The whole time we were there Astrid kept saying, "Grandpa hospital." A tad sad, but with all of my dad's health problems, we've all gotten accustomed to the frequent doctor visits and hospital emergencies.

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