Wednesday, September 26, 2007

ABC Playground (New York)

We first saw this playground on the way to the East River, and Astrid was excited to play there with all the other children. We tried to enter it, but found out the local elementary school was using it for their recess, and it was closed to the public until 1:30. That was so disappointing.

So when we came back down Houston towards Soho, we passed by it again, and this time were allowed to enter the playground.It had a handful of small children there, and some High School kids hanging out, but was not nearly as busy as when we passed by it earlier in the day.Having fun on the larger slides.Playing in the toddler section, on the small slide.Astrid met this little boy who was the same age and she struck up a friendship with him. Not knowing that he was Autistic she held his hand. The boy's special education tutor who was there him said that was the first time she'd seen him hold another child's hand.Playing on the elephant.

With the long walk and adventure today (plus we have one more playground we will pass on the way home) I ruled out the daily nap. Once we get home we'll have just enough time to get ready for dinner, and then Astrid should be exhausted from the day's activities, and ready for a long night's sleep.

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