Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hamilton Fish Park (New York)

This park looked intriguing. What is a fish park? Apparently a park with 2 drained pools. Astrid kept thinking they were full because the bottoms were painted blue.There was a preschool class playing there for recess. When it was time to go, the teacher asked everyone to stand in line, and Astrid lined right up with the class.Each kid was required to hold onto a loop in a kid's rope, to make sure everyone stayed together.

The one teacher's aide laughed and remarked that her colleague almost gave Astrid one of the loops to hold onto, confusing her with being a student in the class since she was right there in the mix with the others.

I guess it won't be long until Astrid's ready for school. She's already fascinated by "school" because she's seen all the kids playing at the elementary school playground and wants to play with the kids, and go inside. Or as she says, "Go in dare (there)."

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