Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Don't call me Rose...I'm Mommy.

Recently Astrid caught my attention by calling me by my first name. My head whipped around as my kid shouted, "Rose! Rose! Rose!" What in the name of....?

In shock I responded, "Don't call me Rose. I'm Mommy."

I think we've been hanging out with my parents a bit too much and that's where she's been hearing me referred to as Rose. They do call out my name quite a bit.

I had a friend growing up, who called her dad by his first name and I always thought that was strange. Hearing her refer to her dad by name rather than plain ole "dad" made me think they had more of a friendship relationship vs. father/daughter.

I prefer Mommy or Mama. When she's old enough she can call me Mom. But don't call me Rose. That's reserved for people who didn't come out of my uterus. Thank you very much.

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