Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A little hike with Mama (Bar Harbor, Maine)

We stumbled onto some hiking trails located not too far from the playground and decided to check them out while there was still light outside.Astrid coming down the trail.

I also wanted to give U. a break so he could rest after his long drive and get caught up on work e-mails and voice mails.She wants to know what everything is called. "Sat?" "Sat?" Meaning "What's that?" is a question I'm hearing a lot lately.Happy little hiker.She found a branch.Whenever I see photos of her running like this one, she doesn't look like a toddler to me. It must be her long legs and the way she's running like a little girl and not like a little baby.
"Mama and Astrid." That's how Astrid describes this photo.
Whenever she sees a photo of all three of us she describes it as, "Mama, Papa and Astrid."
My sunshine kid.A darker, more difficult trail.Astrid pointing to a stream and bridge that crosses our path.
I need to find more suitable hiking trails for her back in LA. She loves it and it's great to be outdoors in nature.

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