Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Top 5 posts of the year

I've been tagged by Trailhead to post my own "top 5 posts of the year". I guess a lot of bloggers have been posting their "top 10 posts of the year" but 5 sounds more reasonable. Yes, that means links to MY OWN posts, posted again on MY OWN blog, as a 2005 highlights post.

1) Mommy's blog for Astrid
My very 1st blog entry. I started my own blog when Astrid was 2 months old and I love the photo of Astrid in this post. (My only regret is that I didn't start blogging and documenting Astrid's life earlier.)

2) Happy 100 days birthday Astrid!
This post describes the significance of the 100 days birthday celebrated in the Korean culture. Koreans include the months the baby spent in the womb when calculating age. One hundred days after the birth is approximately 1 year from conception. So in a sense, this is the baby's first birthday.

3) What is the one memory you would take with you?
If you could only take one memory with you to eternity what would that memory be?

I list a few beautiful memories of mine and note that as I get older and my life changes, my memory of choice changes as well.

I hope that by posting a link to it more people will read it and leave comments. I would love to read your memory of choice and why it's significant to you.

4) Reflection
In this post I reflect on my life and becoming a mother and having a wonderful husband who supports me through it all. I also stumbled across the blog of a woman (who I've never met) who is married to my ex-boyfriend. Reading her blog made me realize how far I've come and how much I've evolved in just 5 years.

5) I'll be your mirror
In this post I write about the mother daughter bond and the things I will strive to do as a mother to always keep a close bond with my daughter and to always see her for who she really is.
I had fun going back through all of my 2005 posts. Having daily pics of Astrid on my blog allows me to see her development. Since I see her everyday it's not noticeable to me until I look back at all the photos posted of her.

Okay now it's your turn. What were your favorite posts? Of mine? Of yours?


Trailhead said...

I love your choices, particularly #5. But I do lament the absence of the vampire post from Halloween. Perhaps I should have made it your SIX favorite posts.

The gum tree was so, so cool.

Bloogerdad said...

THis custom makes perfect sense. I have often wondered why we dont measure our age from the moment of conception. Probably because of the uncertainty surrounding the timeof that event.

Rose said...

Welcome to my blog. I was wondering when you would visit and leave a comment.

Amy said...

The Mirror post was one that brought tears to my eyes, which means it was powerful. I'm very sentimental, so that was probably my favorite.

Trailhead said...

Bloggerdad made a typo in his screen name. I thought it said "Boogerdad" for a minute. I know that's how I've always thought of him. :)