Wednesday, January 04, 2006

High 5

Astrid can now give "high 5's".

When you hold up your hand and say "high 5" she'll hold up the palm of her hand and touch your palm. It's too cute. Positive reinforcement (i.e., praise, clapping hands, smiling, cheering, hugs & kisses, etc.) works wonders. I'm not a big fan of making your kid perform tricks like a pet, but high 5's are okay in my book.

When she gets older of course we'll have to teach her the ole spin on the traditional high 5:
Gimme 5
Up high
On the side
Down low
Too slow


Karissa (mommy) said...

That's so cute! It's always so much fun when they learn new things. It makes them seem more like actual people, so to speak. ;)

Anonymous said...

We do the "down low, too slow!" thing, but TK always says "I got you!" whether or not he did in fact get us.

Trailhead said...

Okay, the one above was me. I have no idea why my screen name didn't come thru.

Trailhead said...

Nice manicure, by the way. I see no cuticle mutilation whatsoever.

Rose said...

Thanks Trailhead. Yeah I treat myself to regular manicures and pedicures. It keeps the cuticle mutilator at bay and it's a nice hour of relaxation time.