Tuesday, January 03, 2006

No idle hands here

Here are some snapshots of Astrid and Uwe tonight. Uwe working on his laptop and Astrid working on her ultrasaucer.
Astrid looking up and watching her daddy work. She'd love to work on Uwe's computer but for now she'll have to settle for her ultrasaucer.
On a side note:
We made the decision not to sell our home. We took into consideration several factors and made the final decision to stay here and plan on remodeling our house and doing some landscaping as well. The buyer's agent sent over a letter of apology and wired an additional $20,000 deposit to the Escrow account in order to reassure us and secure the property. The last sentence of her letter says, "I can assure you that xxxx is committed to honoring his agreement with you and looks forward to many evenings on the beautiful deck." Sorry guy but you won't be spending even a single evening on our deck and the answer is still "no". His best friend lives down the street from us so it will be interesting if we ever bump into each other one day. But Uwe and I are both happy with our decision and think we made the best decision under the circumstances.

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