Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sycamore Grove Park (in Highland Park)

Today Astrid and I played at Sycamore Grove Park in Highland Park. (I love the fact that I can "play" again, now that I have a kid!)

I've driven by this park a gazillion times since it's located right next to the 110 fwy on Figueroa, but I always seem to forget it's there until the next time I drive by it. I've started jotting down places in a notepad - "notes to self" to remember to visit - and this park was one of those places. Astrid jumping around in front of the park's sign. I stopped by a 99 cent store (also on Figueroa) and picked up these sand toys (and bubbles) that we played with. There are a lot of trees in this park, and the sand lot is partially covered by shade, which is nice.Our fish impression made with wet sand.Astrid constructing the fish's eye. As you can see from the photo, the park has a swings and slides.

I liked the park, but it was a little unsettling to see kids there eyeing Astrid's toys like Santa forgot about them on Christmas day. There were also kids there without any parental supervision. I wouldn't have minded sharing our sand toys, but the bubble blowers required your lips to be on them, and one kid had his fingers all over them while we were at the swings. It's a completely different experience then at the La Canada park where you can leave things out and not worry about them being taken.Going down the slide.Unfortunately the slide was right in the sun, and hot. So Astrid just went on it once and them went to explore more of the park.This isn't a playground - it's an outdoor gym. Yes, workout equipment that's in the park to be use by it's citizens at no charge, to promote physical fitness. The sign says it's for individuals 14 years and age and older, but I saw much younger kids playing on some of the equipment.The park also has an outdoor theater/stage.

It's a pretty large park with lots of grass and a couple walking paths. Astrid enjoyed running around there and really exhausted herself, (conducive to good, long naps!).

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