Thursday, July 19, 2007

Jumping on the big trampoline at kinder gym

The Y has gymnastics camp in the same gymnasium that we use for our toddler gymnastics class, until the end of the month. They have a large, long trampoline that Astrid loves jumping on. Here are some pics from today's class.
Jump, jump, jump.
Toddler relay race.
The kids stand on a colored circle and then run to the end to pick up the matching colored circle, and run back.Normally I stand with Astrid and prompt her to "go". But this time I was standing on the side with my camera ready to take a photo of her - and she waited for me to say "go". It was so cute to see. Even though the teacher said to run, she wouldn't start until I said so. So here she is picking up her matching circle (and her running partner is already back at the starting point).Running back with her red circle.
This exercise teaches the kids about colors and matching. In addition to circles, the instructor uses different colored feet and hand prints, toys, and different shapes.Standing on her two matching red circles, watching the next runners go.In class we also play with a parachute and sing songs. Astrid no longer wants to sit in the middle, but wants to hold the handle like a grownup.Doing a good job holding on and following directions.I persuaded her to go underneath. (That was the best part when I was a kid.)"Everyone let go on the count of three. 1...2...3. Let go!"Astrid getting her stamp at the end of class.Astrid's turn for her sticker.More jumping on the trampoline after class is over.Jumping with mommy.Cleaning up and putting toys away.

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