Friday, July 20, 2007

Astrid can count to 10 in English & German

We count all the time together, but I was still shocked when I first heard & saw Astrid counting on her own. She was playing with her doll, holding onto the back of the bouncy chair, counting each bounce. The first time she counted from 1 to 4 on her own, and then her counting got progressively better with more practice. Now she's able to count to ten in both English and German.

It was so exciting to see she not only understood numbers in German, but she could recite 1 t0 10 in German on her own.

When we're playing on the swing we count as well in both languages, but she finds it much more fun to count in German. With English it's like "Alright I'll do it again mom", but with German she shows a lot of enthusiasm and shouts, "Again! Again!" I'm happy to see her so excited about learning German.

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