Friday, July 20, 2007

Family Night at Olvera Street

Normally on Friday nights U. and I have our date night, but since our babysitter is on vacation this week, we decided to have family night at Olvera Street instead.

What is Olvera Street?
(compliments of Wikipedia)

"Olvera Street is in the oldest part of Downtown Los Angeles, California, and is otherwise known as the birthplace of the City of Angels or El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Monument and is a department within the city.

Having started as a short lane, Wine Street, it was extended and renamed in honor of Agustin Olvera, a prominent local judge, in 1877. There are 27 historic buildings lining Olvera Street, including the Avila Adobe, the Pelanconi House and the Sepulveda House. In 1930, it was converted to a colorful Mexican marketplace. It is also the setting for Mexican style music and dancing and holiday celebrations, such as Cinco de Mayo."

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