Tuesday, July 03, 2007

House-sitting at the "Doggie House"

We're house-sitting for a friend in Culver City. Astrid calls it the "Doggie House" because of the two dogs - Maxine and Bo Jo. This is our first morning here. Astrid is drinking her milk out of a cappuccino cup.All smiles.She's gotten a lot better at drinking out of a cup now.Milk mustache.Hanging out with the doggies.Right after this sweet photo Maxine snapped at Astrid (twice). Astrid was giving her a hug. I don't know if she just doesn't like to be touched around the neck, or if she just wanted to be left alone. Either way, after that I was leery about letting Astrid play with the dogs.
The only dog I trust around Astrid is our dog. (Pictured here on the rug in front of the door.) She can pull her tail, put her fingers in her mouth, and all sorts of stuff that would drive a dog batty - but our dog either lets her or walks away. With all her neuroses & problems (our dog is from the pound and has lots of issues) this is her saving grace - she's a sweet dog and good around children. Bo Jo & Maxine sharing the love seat.Both dogs chillin' on their doggie beds in the office.
Also wanted to note that Astrid is not afraid of the dogs (even after the snapping incident). When she walks into the room and sees them, she gets excited and says, "Hi Guys!". As a sign of endearment she also gives them hugs and kisses.

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