Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Being a good citizen and returning her library book

Astrid returning her library book (and wearing her new shoes).

Just about every kid commercial brand stuff we own was purchased by our nanny, including these shoes. (Except for the Sponge Bob bath toys that I bought and got chastised for later by U.)

Especially since U. works in advertising; we're both really sensitive and careful about not exposing Astrid to brands. Marketing to children is subtle but pervasive, and internalized so easily by children. Her pull ups have 3 well known Disney princesses on them, but she knows them as just the "girls". The only reason I buy them is because they're the only ones at Costco in her size and it's cheaper to buy in bulk - or else I'd avoid them like the plague. She knows the logo on these shoes as the "girl" and the "monkey" and I'm fine with that.

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