Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Astrid playing with her doll

The sweetest thing to watch now is Astrid playing with her dolls. Before she would carry them around and talk to them, but now she pretend plays with them. She wraps them in a blanket and puts them to bed - reads to them and sings to them. The other day she was even holding and patting her doll's back and rocking back and forth (like I do with Astrid) to make the baby fall asleep.Today she strapped her doll (from the Virgin Islands) into her high chair, put her bib on it and pretended to give her a drink of water.So adorable.

They really do copy what they see people doing around them. She also tell her dolls (and the dog) to "sit down" a lot. I guess U. and I need to cut back on saying that, and come up with something different.

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