Sunday, July 08, 2007

Astrid's 1st Ice Cream - at the Gelato Bar

This afternoon, after the baby's nap, we went and checked out the Gelato Bar, on Tujunga Avenue in Studio City . It was on some list of the top 25 ice cream parlors in LA.

(On a side note, it's located across the street from Vitello's Restaurant - made infamous by the Robert Blake incident.)

U. and I have been discussing the topic of "ice cream" for awhile now. Should we let Astrid eat some? Is she old enough to have some sweets? Is it inevitable that she will want to try some if she sees us eating some?
So on this hot summer day we decided today's the day - after almost 2 years and 3 months - Astrid had her first ice cream. Yes, tiny it was, but she enjoyed her kid sized mini gelato very much.
We got her the Yogurt gelato in a mini cone.
She didn't quite get the cone part. After she ate the the ice cream scoop on top, she thought she was done and didn't realize she could eat the cone too.

U. hiding behind his LA Weekly.

Cool place with nice decor and ambiance. Cost for enjoying the decor and ambiance (and ice cream of course) - $12. I had the Ricotta (Cheesecake) gelato, and U. had the Pomegranate sorbetto - both in waffle cones. Astrid pointing to the lion fountain.It's a place you feel comfortable hanging out in with your gelato or coffee.There's a big ice cream cone display outside, and the outdoor trashcan is also an ice cream cone. Very cute.Walking back to our car.Holding Papa's hand while crossing the street.She's growing so tall. (Although sometimes U. and I look at her and she looks so small. She's still just a baby but she's growing up so fast!)Astrid has the exact same expressions of her father. "No more pictures mom."

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