Thursday, July 19, 2007

Astrid's iPod

This was a great buy, ($15 at Costco). It's a kid's version of the iPod that has buttons for "play", "shuffle", "stop", and a dial that can be rotated just like an iPod to go to the next song. On the screen is an icon that represents one of 20 songs, that you can match up in the book for the song lyrics.It's so easy to use that Astrid figured out how to work it in a nanosecond.
So now she has her very own iPod to play with, and doesn't have to play with Papa's iPod anymore.

You can detach it from the book (although I left ours attached so she won't lose it.)

The only criticism I have is that they change the lyrics to some of the classic songs like "Row Row Row Your Boat." Kind of unnecessary and was a bit confusing to Astrid at first since she recognized the music, but when she tried to sing along it wasn't the same song. For instance: instead of "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands", this version says, "If you're hungry and you know it get a snack." But Astrid picked up the new lyrics pretty quickly.

It's so sweet to see her with the book singing to all of the songs.


Peter said...

Ha .. and you just wrote that Uwe would be the gadget master :)

the 'if you're hungry .. ' thing is scary .. makes you wonder if mcdonalds or some other food company sponsored that ...

Rose said...

Good point. U. and I were debating if you were on the golden arches payroll seeing as you post about eating there many times. I loved your video cam footage that you used at the drive thu though - that just cracked me up.

Peter said...

Ha ha ha .. yep ... I admit, we sometimes just have the craving and when we go it is always a nice photo op ... and since we do not have KFC here (and burger king very rarely) .. it is the big M

wow ... that video ... that was in Fiji, right? Wonder where that is ... i am still porting old blogger posts to nackendotcom ... takes long ...

Rose said...

Yes, you shot that video in Fiji. I thought it was so funny that I had U. watch it. I think that's when I really started getting into your blog and reading it everyday after that.