Monday, July 23, 2007

More fun at Peekaboo Playland

Today we went back again to Peekaboo Playland. Astrid loves this place and so do I. The owner (who has a toddler of her own) allows customers to come back the same day after their child's nap, without having to pay again. I just wish they were open on the weekends. (They're closed on the weekends for private parties.) As you can see, adults like playing there too.We ran into Ava (from gymnastics class) and her daddy there too. We recently found out that we're practically neighbors (they live a few blocks away). Ava and her dad walked by the house one day when U. and Astrid were outside, and the girls immediately recognized each other. (Ava's mommy Olivia just had another baby. We're going to plan a play date soon.)

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