Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Astrid's New Crocs

Astrid loves her new crocs. She fits into the smallest size they carry - 8-9, and in her size they only had yellow and turquoise blue. We chose blue. They're made with some antibacterial material so her feet won't get stinky.

I know all kids (and many adults) wear these now, but initially I balked at the $25 price tag. It's a bit outrageous for kid shoes, (they outgrow them so fast), especially sandals. But we go swimming now quite a bit, and these shoes are so much more convenient to slip on and off. I hope they last all summer, but we'll see.


Peter said...

Great shoes !!! I wonder if either Astrid has big feet or Julius has small ones ... there is a size smaller .. 6/7 .. which Julius has been wearing since august last year (now he broke a strap and I am trying the Croc free strap replacement program .. no reply so far) .. we have a new pair in size 8/9 waiting .. but it is way too big for him ...

But Astrid will love them and probably learn the word 'crocs' before she says 'shoes' .. they are great for everything .. (the whole family is wearing them, get some for you and Uwe)

Rose said...

Julius was probably one of the first kids I saw wearing crocs.

Astrid wears size 7 shoes, but the stand we bought the crocs from didn't carry that size, so we went with the 8/9 with some room to grow, but they fit fine.

No chance about saying crocs before shoes. Shoes was like her 4th word. (Mama, Papa, book, shoes).

I'll tell Uwe that you suggested we get crocs. Whenever he sees those shoes he thinks "stinky feet" (b/c they're worn without socks). Hahah.

Peter said...

Tell Uwe that I was a strong Birkenstock hater ... but Crocs really rock .. AND .. so easy to keep clean .. you can even just throw them in the laundry machine !!!!

As for terminology ... Julius had shoes, schuhe and scarpe down .. before he learnt the 'crocs'... no it is all crocs (well .. that was pretty much the only pair he wore until he broke it)

(Tell Uwe he can even shower with his Crocs) :D