Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Morning with Papa at Kwik-E-Mart

My husband is a huge Simpsons fan, and so when I asked him to pick up a bottle contact lens solution for me Monday night, he was all to happy to drive out to the newly converted Kwik-E-Mart in Los Angeles, on Venice/Sepulveda. (We're staying at a house nearby.) It's one of twelve 7-Eleven convenience stores converted into a Kwik-E-Mart for the next month to promote the upcoming Simpsons movie.

There was a line out the door and around the block, so rather than wait in line, he went back early this morning with Astrid to check out the inside of the store. (See pics below.)

The Simpsons inspired products/merchandise for sale include: KrustyO's cereal, Squishee cups, bright pink donuts, Buzz cola, collectible slurpee cups, magnetic straws, and Radioactive Man comic books.

My husband got the last box of KrustyO's cereal (not for eating - but to display in his office at work), and a crazy straw with a Homer magnet for Astrid. To his disappointment there was no Duff beer. Boo hoo.

Early in the morning there wasn't a line (there are perks to being parents of a toddler), but when we drove by in the afternoon the crowds were back. It's such a kooky, fun promotional idea that it was bound to draw tons of people. 7-Eleven has even hired security guards to handle the crowds.

Locate a Kwik-E-Mart near you -

There are 12 locations:

Burbank, CA
Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Lake Buena Vista, FL/Orlando, FL
Las Vegas, NV/Henderson, NV
Los Angeles, CA
New York City, NY
San Francisco, CA/Mountain View, CA
Seattle, WA
Vancouver, BC/Coquitlam, BC
Washington, DC/Bladensburg, MD

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