Friday, July 13, 2007

Baking Cookies with Mommy

This morning Astrid and I baked a batch of organic sugar cookies. The dough is made without eggs or wheat. (Think super healthy with less sugar.) She loved stirring and pouring the ingredients in a big bowl. After making each cookie ball, I would hand them to her to place on the baking sheet for me.
The end product.
"So this is what we were making."
"Even better than baking eating them!" One of our rules is that Astrid has to sit down when she's eating. Normally at home she sits in her chair, but today she wanted to sit on her Lego box while eating her cookie.
It's so ingrained in her that when I gave her a cookie she asked me, "Sit? Sit?" And then she asked me if it was okay if she sat on her Lego box, by patting the box's lid and asking, "Mama? Astrid sit?"In the spirit of David Beckham coming to LA - Astrid is wearing her "Kickin' Kittens" soccer shirt. =)
Another new hairstyle for Astrid (2 ponytails on the side connected to the 3rd ponytail in the back). Her hair is getting to a length where I'm now experimenting with different hairstyles.
Astrid watches Sesame Street (on weekday mornings in bed with me so I can get some more sleep and some cuddling in) and she knows a few characters now. So when I asked her how her cookie was, she responded "Monster." Ha ha. My little Cookie Monster.

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